Compared Translations of the meaning of the Quran - 7:24
al-A`raf - The Heights, The Elevated Places
Verse: 7 : 24

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al-A`raf (The Heights, The Elevated Places) 7:24

7:24 قال اهبطوا بعضكم لبعض عدو ولكم في الارض مستقر ومتاع الى حين

TransliterationQala ihbitoo baAAdukum libaAAdin AAaduwwun walakum fee al-ardi mustaqarrun wamataAAun ila heenin
LiteralHe said: "Drop/descend/reduce some of you to some (are) an enemy, and for you in the earth/Planet Earth (is) settlement/establishment and long life/enjoyment to a time ."

Yusuf Ali(Allah) said: "Get ye down. With enmity between yourselves. On earth will be your dwelling-place and your means of livelihood,- for a time."
PickthalHe said: Go down (from hence), one of you a foe unto the other. There will be for you on earth a habitation and provision for a while.
Arberry Said He, 'Get you down, each of you an enemy to each. In the earth a sojourn shall be yours, and enjoyment for a time.'
ShakirHe said: Get forth, some of you, the enemies of others, and there is for you in the earth an abode and a provision for a time.
SarwarThe Lord told them to leave the garden as each other's enemies and go to earth to dwell and benefit from the means therein for an appointed time.
KhalifaHe said, "Go down as enemies of one another. On earth shall be your habitation and provision for awhile."
Hilali/Khan(Allah) said: "Get down, one of you an enemy to the other (i.e. Adam, Hawwa (Eve), and Shaitan (Satan), etc.). On earth will be a dwellingplace for you and an enjoyment, - for a time."
H/K/Saheeh[Allah] said, "Descend, being to one another enemies. And for you on the earth is a place of settlement and enjoyment for a time."
MalikAllah said: "Go down, some of you are the enemy of others. The Earth will be your dwelling-place and your means of livelihood for a fixed term."[24]
QXP(Self interests of people had given rise to unjust marking of land and individual hoarding. Suppression of the weak had begun). Allah told them that they had fallen down from the high station of humanity. They had ignored the Law that "Mankind is one community" (10:19). From then on, they would live as tribes and nations, enemies to one another, "There will be for you on land an abode and sustenance for a while."
Maulana AliHe said: Go forth -- some of you, the enemies of others. And there is for you in the earth an abode and a provision for a time.
Free MindsHe said: "Descend; for you are enemies to one another, and in the land you will have residence and provisions until the appointed time."
Qaribullah He said: 'Descend, each of you an enemy to each other. The earth will be a dwelling place for you and an enjoyment for a time.

George SaleGod said, get ye down, the one of you an enemy unto the other; and ye shall have a dwelling place upon earth, and a provision for a season.
JM RodwellHe said, "Get ye down, the one of you an enemy to the other; and on earth shall be your dwelling, and your provision for a season."

AsadSaid He: "Down with you," [and be henceforth] enemies unto one another, having on earth your abode and livelihood for a while:

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