In the name of Allah (The Lord), Most Gracious, Most Merciful

The Lord God (Allaah) 99 Names

God (Allaah)

Most Merciful (Ar-Rahmaan)

The Eminent, The Exalted in Might (Al-‘Azeez)

The Especially Merciful (Ar-Raheem)

The Flawless, The Source Of Peace And Perfection (As-Salaam)

The Guardian and Bestower Of Faith (Al-Mu’min)

The Holy, The Pure (Al-Quddoos)

The King, The True Sovereign (Al-Malik)

The Overseer (Al-Muhaymin)

The One Who Has Knowledge of Each Separate Item (Al-Muhsee)

He Who Humbles (Al-Mudhill)

The Achiever of Good (Al-Barr)

The Acquainted (Al-Khabeer)

The All-Forgiving (Al-Ghafoor)

The All-Glorious (Al-Majeed)

The All-Hearing (As-Samee‘)

The All-Observant (Ar-Raqeeb)

The All-Powerful (Al-Qaadir)

The All-Praiseworthy (Al-Hameed)

The All-Preserver, The Safeguard (Al-Hafeeth)

The All-Seeing (Al-Baseer)

The All-Sympathetic (Ar-Ra’oof)

The Arbitrator (Al-Hakam)

The Avenger (Al-Muntaqim)

The Banisher (Al-Mu’akhkhir)

The Beneficent (An-Naafi‘)

The Benevolent, The Subtle (Al-Lateef)

The Bestower, The Best Sustainer (Al-Wahhaab)

The Compeller (Al-Jabbaar)

The Creator (Al-Khaaliq)

The Decision Maker (Al-Muqtadir)

The Effacer of Sins (Al-‘Afoo)

The Equitable (Al-Muqsit)

The Eternal (As-Samad)

The Everlasting (Al-Baaqee)

The Ever-Relenting (At-Tawwaab)

The Exalted Owner of High Rank and Place (Al-Muta‘alee)

The Exalter (Ar-Rafi‘)

The Expander (Al-Baasit)

The Fashioner (Al-Musawwir)

The First (Al-Aawwal)

The Generous (Al-Kareem)

The Giver of Wealth (Al-Ghanee)

The Grateful, The Appreciative (Ash-Shakoor)

The Great (Al-Kabeer)

The Guide (Al-Haadee)

The Hidden (Al-Baatin)

The Holder (Al-Qaabidh)

The Inheritor (Al-Waarith)

The Inventor, The Best Plotter (Al-Baari’)

The Just (Al-‘Adl)

The King of Kings (Maalik al-Mulk)

The Last (Al-Aakhir)

The Life-Giver (Al-Muhee)

The Light (An-Noor)

The Living (Al-Hayy)

The Lord of Majesty and Generosity (Dhool-Jalaali wal-Ikraam

The Magnificent, Supreme (Al-Maajid)

The Majestic (Al-Jaleel)

The Manifest, The Evident (Ath-Thaahir)

The Mild (Al-Haleem)

The Most High (Al-‘Alee)

The Most Loving (Al-Wadood)

The Omniscient (Al-‘Aleem)

The One Who Abases (Al-Khaafidh)

The One who Answers Prayers (Al-Mujeeb)

The One Who Brings Contentment (Al-Mughnee)

The One Who Honors (Al-Mu‘izz)

The One Who Raises The Dead (Al-Baa’ith)

The One Who Unites (Al-Jaamee‘)

The Opener, The Knowing Judge (Al-Fattaah)

The Original (Al-Badee‘)

The Patient (As-Saboor)

The Patron (Al-Walee)

The Perpetual Forgiver (Al-Ghaffaar)

The Prevailing, The Dominator (Al-Qahhaar)

The Promoter (Al-Muqaddim)

The Protector (Al-Hafeeth)

The Provider (Ar-Razzaaq)

The Provider of Nourishment (Al-Muqeet)

The Punisher (Adh-Dharr)

The Reckoner (Al-Haseeb)

The Resourceful (Al-Waajid)

The Restorer (Al-Mu‘eed)

The Right in Guidance (Ar-Rasheed)

The Ruler of All (Al-Waalee)

The Self-Sufficient (Al-Qayyoom)

The Slayer (Al-Mumeet)

The Steadfast (Al-Mateen)

The Strong (Al-Qawee)

The Tremendous, The Most Great, The Supreme And Glory (Al-‘Adheem)

The True (Al-Haqq)

The Trustee (Al-Wakeel)

The Unique (Al-Waahid)

The Universal Witness (Ash-Shaheed)

The Vast, The All-Embracing (Al-Waasi‘)

The Wise (Al-Hakeem)

The Wonderful Originator (Al-Mubdee’)

The Messenger of Allah (P.B.U.H) said:
The best among you is the one who learns and teaches the Quran.