How To Enter Paradice (Jannah)

The Messenger of Allah Muhamed (P.B.U.H) said:
The best among you is the one who learns and teaches the Quran.

Just convert one Christian to Isalm and every time he does a good deed you will get a percentage of such a good deed from him, his kids and kids kids forever and ever, even after you pass away. This is the best of all good deeds called ongoing forever good deed ( Sadkah Garyah)

This will guarantee you to enter Paradic (Jannah) InShAllah

Assalaamu Alaikum Brother

Please help me to convert Christian to Islam and you will enter Jannah

My name is Mostafa and everyone calls me MO. I am the owner of

Why our site is the best Dawah website on the internet today to convert Christian to Islam because

1- Most Dahwa websites do not target Christians but our site is exclusively for converting Crhistinas and Jows to Isalam.

2- Most Dahwa Website on the internet created by a Moslem person but our site is created by Christian Priests and Jwish Rabies converted to Islam

3- Most Dahwa Websites on the internet only have the Quran. Sunnah, and Hadith in all languages. But our site has a comparison between the Bible and the quran and why you should become a Moslem.

4- Most Dahwa Websites on the internet do not make the Christian first doubt his Religion first so that it will be easy to convert them to Isalm. That is why our site concentrates on one statement ( HOW IS OUR SAVIOR JESUS OR ALLAH) and lets them use their mind to find the right path.

We are a Canadian non-profit (and non-political) organization created 18 (eighteen) years ago.

Please browse our site at

This site is not like any other site on the internet. It contains 16496 Web Pages of text, audio and video files not connected to any other pages on the Internet.

I am 75 years old and I only have a few years to live, So I would like you to inherit my site and continue the Dawah.

I am willing to give you a complete copy of my above site and teach you how to get over 2000 hits per day to convert Christina to Islam ALL ABSOLUTELY FREE OF CHARGE,

if you like to have a website like the above FREE and make Allah bless you and your family with a possibility that you will enter Jannah


You must have the following

1- A domain name, if you do not have one, you can register a new one in your name.

2- Cpanel hosting with disk space of 25 GB and one TB bandwidth. I can show you where to buy it cheap from Ukraine

3- You must have operating expenses for keeping the website running and for its promotion etc.

4- You Swear by the name of Allah that you will also give a copy of such website to at least two other people to do the DAWA for the Christian people and get a percentage for all the people they will convert forever and ever

If you agree please contact us


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