Becoming Muslim

Miss Fatima Kazue (Japan)

Ever since the Second World War I have been watching with restlessness that our faith in our religion was fast becoming weak. We had begun to accept the American mode of living and I deeply felt as if something was missing. At first I could not understand what it was that was missing. It was the cry of my soul to find an answer to this restlessness.

I was fortunate to be acquainted with one Muslim who had been staying in Tokyo for sometime. His behaviour and his way of worship made me curious and I asked many questions. His answers were very gratifying and afforded me much peace of mind and soul. He taught me how one should lead his life as God desires us to live. I had never imagined before that the entire outlook of life can change so suddenly, as did mine by living as a Muslim and feeling a sort of unison with the Creator Himself.

Look at the salutation of a Muslim. You say "Assalamo-'Alaikum Wa-Rahamatullah Wa-barakatoho": `May you have peace from God and be happy ever. This is very unlike `good morning' and `good afternoon' which simply means your morning be good and your afternoon be good. It sounds all materialistic. There is no eternal wish, no prayer to invoke God's blessings.

Through that Muslim friend of mine I have learnt many things which a Muslim believes in and practises. I like the Muslim way of life which is pure, simple and essentially peaceful. I am convinced that Islam alone can bring peace in an individual's life as well as in the collective life of man. Islam alone can give real peace to mankind - a peace which humanity is eager to have. I am happy to have acquired this peace and could like to spread Islam as much as possible for me amongst my people.

[A better translation of "Assalamo-'Alaikum Wa-Rahamatullah Wa-barakatoho" would be "May Allah's peace, mercy, and blessings be extended on you". -ed.]

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