How to Remove Racism in Christianity

Dear Christians, 

This is not a attack on Christianity because if the Valid suggestions in this topic work, then the result will be a Stronger Christianity, therefore this topic is aimed to help and not attack. 

Muslims are not anti-Christ as some Christians portray us, Muslims believe in Jesus as the Messiah and that Jesus was Sent By God. 

The only outcome of this Topic can be a united and stronger Christianity. If I point to some Truths in Christianity, it is not to demonize the Faith, it is to address the concern. 

Furthermore, just to clarify, the Question on "How to end racism in Christianity?" is not one I invented or made up, nor another Muslim. 

I was reading through (Soc.Religion.Christian) when I saw a very similar question, furthermore I was watching the "Promise Keepers at Washington Live" some time back when a Black Christian Priest said some words that stuck in my head.  

Those words were "10 AM on Sunday is the Most Segregated hour of the Week" 

I did not invent this, I am sure Transcripts of the transmission can be ordered from CSPAN. Now having studied Images and their Effects, I have a suggestion that may Help. 

As some may know, human's pictures are not allowed in Muslim Mosques because the Prophet states that Angels do not enter buildings with such images. 

My theories (which anyone can take as their own if they like) is that the absence of Pictures in the Muslim Place of Worship has another Powerful effect also. 

It eases and even removes racial tensions between the Members. 

My Suggestion is *Remove All Images Within the church* 

My Reasoning is; 

1. Pictures of Jesus a Black is considered by some white Christians as a lie. Similarly a picture of a White Jesus is considered by some Black Christians as a lie. Therefore you have the tension of the two calling each other a liar over the color of Jesus. 

Negative results; A Black Christian who Believes that Jesus was Black would not sit in a White church with pictures of a white Jesus because that Black Christian is not going to lie to his or herself (especially while praying). 

Solution; Remove the pictures, therefore, both Groups can comfortably pray within the church and can mentally portray Jesus what ever color they want, But the Picture does not have to stare them in the Face to Force them to accept a certain color. 

When the pictures are removed in this scenario, the members can picture in their minds their own personal Jesus and can portray him any color they want, but to Put up Pictures is to ask other Members to Accept a Certain color of Jesus without respecting their differing views which can cause tensions within the church and even cause certain members to seek a church which meets their views. 

2. You will rarely find a White Christian praising a Black Jesus Icon. A discomfort may be felt by a Black Christian when asked to praise a White Jesus Icon. 

Negative results; Again this will cause tensions and may again result in goers with opposing views seeking to go elsewhere to give thanks. 

Solution; Removing the Black Icon or White Icon will again ease the tensions. My theory also is that these Icons can have a Major effect on the attitudes of the goers. 

3. The pictures in a church that portray life in Heaven with a group being one color For example, if we View Here we see that Heavenly Members are portrayed as exclusively White while if we See Here, evil Biblical figures are portrayed as Dark in Skin, or non-White. 

Negative results; This Effect gives a Non-Verbal Message to the black goers that they will not be in Heaven. If Heaven exclusively or Majority include White people and Hell includes a Majority of Black people according to the Pictures, then this gives a loader message then the Priest. 

Solution; Removal of the bios pictures, if a church must keep them, then integrate the pictures, this will have to include many races including Asian. 

It is the classical good person bad person stereotyping that the pictures emit, when the pictures are removed then you are just left with persons and nothing portraying one group better then the other. 

This is All confirmed by Scholars in Effects of Images such as; Philip Myers (1992), Bryant Zillman (1982), Glen Fisher (1989), O'Donnell & G. Jowett (1986) and More  

Above, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. is photographed with Adlai Stevenson and President John F. Kennedy, 17 December 1962. 

Dr. King had a Dream to end Racism, let us not let his life's work be in vain, let us contact the churches with the mono-color images and politely ask them to remove the images based on psychological ethical reasons, and also contact pro-white Christian groups listed on the Internet.

Also ask them politely to end the racism, we are all humans, with One Creator. 

Also Malcolm X was against Pro-Black groups.

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