Are Christians required to remove their shoes in church ?

With All due respect, would You Spit in a Church. Then why Walk In to a Church With the Same shoes You Walk Into a Public Bathroom with, and then Drag those Vile Elements Into the Church.

The Devil wants You to Be "Un Clean" When Standing or Bowing In front of God . The Devil likes those Dirty Particles, The Devil would Like you to Spit in a Church. The Devil makes You think the Contaminated shoes are not Bad, but Biblically it goes Against a Direct Order from God.

(Exodus 3:5 and Acts 7:33)"And [God] said [to Moses], Draw not nigh hither: Put Off thy shoes from Off Thy feet, for the place whereon thou Standest is holy ground" 

Also Genesis 18:4 Genesis 19:2 Genesis 24:32 Genesis 43:24 Exodus 30:19 Exodus 30:21 Exodus 40:31 1 Samuel 25:41 2 Samuel 11:8 John 13:5 John 13:6 John 13:8 John 13:10John 13:14

So Kindly Take Your shoes Off, "Jesus" Preached "It is easier for Heaven and Earth to Pass Away, then for One Dot of the Law to Become Void" {Luke 16:17} Also "Think not that I am come to Destroy the Law, but to Fulfil" {Mat. 5:17}

Does it make Sense to You that a Baby is Baptized with "Holy" Water, on a Floor Smeared With Public Bathroom and Outside Disgusting Elements that Do Not Completely Wipe Off Your shoes.

Maybe God Will Hear Your Prayers better when the Devil is Not Standing Foot to Foot With You.

"Wash and Make Yourselves Clean. Take Your Evil deeds Out of My Sight! Stop Doing Wrong," {Isaiah 1:16}

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