List of additions to the Original Bible

NT additions:

+GMk=Additions to Gospel of Mark, Mk16:9-20, c450ce

+GLk=Additions to Gospel of Luke, Lk22:19-20,43-44, c150ce

+GJn=Additions to Gospel of John, Jn7:53-8:11, c400ce

ActW="Western" version of Luke's Acts of the Apostles, c.10% larger, c150ce

"Western Reviser" adds/subtracts from original Acts to produce "Western"

version which is 10% larger and found in Papyrus P29,38,48 & Codex Bezae (D)

{Who it was that was responsible for the additional information concerning

the apostolic age or where it came from is entirely unknown. According to F.

G. Kenyon, "What one would like to suppose (but for which there is no exter-

nal evidence), is that one of St. Paul's companions transcribed Luke's book

[Acts] (perhaps after the author's death), and inserted details of which he

had personal knowledge, & made other alterations in accordance with his own

taste in a matter on which he was entitled to regard himself as having auth-

ority equal to that of Luke."} [Textual Comm., Metzger, 3-438-06010-8, p272]

3Cor=3rd Corinthians, by Paul of Tarsus?, c58-170ce [Armenian Bible]

+1Jn=Additions to 1st Letter of John, Comma Johanneum: "in heaven, the Father,

the Word, and the Holy Ghost: and these three are one. And there are three

that bear witness in earth," [1Jn5:7b-8a(KJV)]; 1st found in the Latin book

"Liber Apologeticus" by the Gnostic Priscillian [p781,n21] c350ce, found in

only 4 Greek manuscripts!, all after 11th century! [Epis.John,Brown,p775-87]

Laod=Epistle to the Laodiceans (cf.Col4:16), c100-350ce [Vulgate Fuldensis]

OT additions:

+Est=Additions to Greek Esther of Septuagint (=LXX), c50bce

+Dan=Additions to Greek Daniel: Prayer of Azariah, Bel, Susanna, c100bce

Bar=Baruch (1 Baruch), written in Greek, c100bce

EpJr=Epistle of Jeremiah, Greek fragments found at Qumran Cave 7, c250bce

Baruch and Epistle of Jeremiah are additions to Greek Jeremiah of Septuagint

+Ps1=Additional Psalm 151, Qumran 11QPs(a)151, c150bce [Septuagint,Peshitta]

+Ps2=Additional Psalms 152-155, Qumran 11QPs(a)154,155; c150bce [Peshitta]

1Esd=1 Esdras, written in Greek, c100bce [LXX=Esdras A, Vulgate=Esdrae III]

2Esd=2 Esdras, c100ce [Vulgate=Esdrae IV] [Vulgate,Peshitta]

Tob=Tobit, 1 Hebrew and 3 Aramaic manuscripts found at Qumran Cave 4, c200bce

Jdt=Judith, written in Hebrew, c150bce

Wis=Wisdom (of Solomon), written in Greek, c100bce

Sir=Wisdom of Jesus ben Sirach (Ecclesiasticus), Qumran C. 2, Masada, c180bce

PrMn=Prayer of Manasseh (cf. 2Chr33:1-19), written in Jerusalem, c100bce

1Mac=1 Maccabees, Greek translation of lost Hebrew, c130bce [Septuagint]

2Mac=2 Maccabees, written in Greek, c120bce [Septuagint]

3Mac=3 Maccabees (Ptolemaica), written in Greek c25bce [Septuagint]

4Mac=4 Maccabees, written in Greek in Alexandria, c40ce [Septuagint]

PsSo=Psalms of Solomon, written in Hebrew in Jerusalem, c50bce [Septuagint]

ApBr=Apocalypse of Baruch (2Baruch=Syriac, 3Baruch=Greek), c100ce [Peshitta]

Enoc=Enoch, 8 Aramaic manuscripts found at Qumran Cave 4, c100bce [Ethiopian]

Jub=Jubilees, 10 Hebrew manuscripts found at Qumran 1,2,4, c100bce [Ethiopian]

Barn=Epistle of Barnabas, c100ce [Apostolic Fathers]

Herm=Shepherd of Hermas, written in Rome, c125ce [Apostolic Fathers]

Clem=1,2 Clement: 1=Pope to Corinth 95ce, 2=sermon c100ce [Apostolic Fathers]

T12P=Testaments of the 12 Patriarchs, Hebrew and Aramaic fragments found at

Qumran Caves 1 and 4, c100ce [Armenian Bible]

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