What Christians and Muslims say about:
Who is Our Saviour ? Jesus or Allah

Peace and Blessings to All and May the Grace of our Creator Guide you to Righteousness.

the Goal of my articles is to bring Unity among the children of Adam and Eve.  To shed misunderstandings which could have grave effects.

as a Muslim, I prefer Peace not war, I prefer brotherhood and sisterhood, not enemies, I prefer love not hate, I prefer knowledge, not ignorance, hence this articles is intended to bring us closer together to the beautiful things in life, this articles is not to attack or ridicule, thank you and pray to our unseen God for spiritual light to guide you through your earthly trails.

What Christians say about "Who is our Savior"

Subject: A Christian's comment

We received the following comment , . I am a Christian and I agree with some of your observations. Click here for details

Subject: Re: Your Articles 

I came across your articles on a whim really. I was very intrigued. I am a baptized Lutheran. I cannot say I am well endowed with the religious knowledge you have been blessed with the will to educate yourself with. I love to read about religion especially Christianity and islam. 

Subject: Visit to your articles 

Thank you for your articles on the Muslim faith. I have studied religions for many years out of curiosity and a need to understand all faiths. It is well presented and has given me alot to ponder. I am a newly converted Catholic and have studied many religions over the years. I will always be in awe of how much all religions have in common in their beliefs. Your articles has given me a beginning in understanding your faith and I will be reading the Koran (sorry, I couldn't remember how to spell it properly).

Subject: articles  

I am a Christian but I will tell you right from the start that I believe that you must obey the teachings of Jesus - all of them!! I believe that the Bible is the inspired Word of God or in other words "God breathed". There are so many "so-called" Christians in the world today that claim to follow the teachings of Christ but yet they leave out so much of the Bible and pick and choose what they want to believe and practice. It is very sad but on the other hand there are some who do try to follow our Lord's pattern.

Subject: Your articles on the Islam  

Hello my friend,

I'm a Catholic who read your article, "Muslims and Christians Agree about Jesus." I just wanted to let you know that I thought your article was fascinating, insightful, and encouraging. I believe there are many paths to God, Islam and Christianity being two of them.

Many fellow Christians disagree with me on this, but I think they are wrong. We all worship the One God!

I've only recently begun learning about Islam, and your article has made me even more anxious to learn as much as I can.

Thank you for your wisdom and insight!

Peace to you ello , I am a student and study theology .One of my subject is Islam . I have to write an essay on How important is Jesus for Muslims. Thanks you for your articles. It has been very helpful

Subj:  Re: Christians and Muslims AGREE about Jesus  Hello.   I just wanted to take a moment and thank you for your article.   I've been trying to explain these concepts to Christian friends who are very  distressed about my interest in Islam.  I was unable to back up my points with Quranic/Biblical quotations until I  read your article.  Thank you again. May God reward you for your kind works.
Greetings. I am not Muslim (yet) but am studying to gain knowledge and have
found your articles to be very beneficial and informative and I wanted to thank

May you be richly blessed,

What Muslims say about "Who is Our Savior"

Subject: yuourarticles

As Salaamu Alikum Brother : I pray Allah(SWT) will bless you with the best of this life, the best of the hereafter, protection from the torments of the grave, and protection from the torments of the fires.  I have read a lot of information in reference to the bible, but nothing as simple and as lovely as this. This articles was very fast and easy to come in, and the topics of your categories are very significant.   I love it and have sent this address to many of my friends.  Thank you so much, and may Allah(SWT) continue to bless you for your efforts.   Your editorials are kind and I feel, from your heart.  I am looking forward to the upcoming topics. My Salaams Your sister in deen Tauheedah


We are writing to you from Southern California, U.S.A, and giving many thanks for making us understand and relay this message to our Non-Muslims friends.

Ramadan Mubarak from the Ahmeds.

Subject: Who is Our Savior articles

Alhamdulillah! This site is a wealth of knowledge! May ALlah Bless and reward you for your efforts. AssalamuAlaikum. Peace -Sis.Zeba


My brother in Islam, it gives me great pleasure to read your articles
praising ISLAM and showing the non-Muslims the one and only TRUE light of ISLAM. I will ensure from my side that all brethren from all walks of life that are known/unknown to me will be informed of this luminous note of you for enlightenment. We cherish your kind words
and we say ISLAM Zindibad.

Allah -u - Akbar

My brother you take care and Insha'Allah , may Allah give you the guidance and strenght to continually perpetuate this divine course.

Zain & Mohamed
South Africa
Shukran Jazeelan

Subject: esselamualeykum

esselamualeykum dear brother

JazzakAllah for your efforts . I am using material presented by you and hope that you know how helpfull it is . JazzakAllah .

Subject: AssalamuAlaikum

This is a wonderful articles, I am sending the link to all my Muslims friends. JazakAllah for putting this all together brother.

Subject: Salaam alekum

Salaam Alekum my fellow muslim brother....

You dont know me, and i dont know you..but..i was browsing
the web searching ISlamic articless,and i came across your profile. Your
articles! #%*^& its awesome! I love it.

Subject: web page?....I like yours but how u get it

As salaam alaikum ramat Allah wa Barakatuhu

Hey akhi how did you get this page..I want to set one up for the same
cause.....We need more sites that calmly show the beauty of Islam and the
transition and revelation that came with our Prophet. I once considered myself
Christian. So I understand patience is need to explain the right and wrong of
the about 18yrs of my life.

As-Salaamu Alaikum

The Imam of Masjid Al-Muminun in Memphis has expressed a desire to establish
a link to your articles. Our site address is Please let
me know if this is OK with your site administrator. Thank you, Muhaimin

Subject: about the islamic articles


It is a pleasure for me to come across your articles and I find it very useful
specially for someone in a foreign land like me who needs further info of

Subject: AssalamoAlaikum

Dear Brother

AssalamoAlaikum, I've read your articles, you are doing excellent job on the net ..Allah will give you reward for this....I would like to join the Islamic Misionaries as my thoughts are same as yours to spread islam to every corner....currently my job on the net is to sending messages about islam to every neswgroup..


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