Muslims and Christians Agree about Jesus

There is no reason to argue anymore,

In both the Gospel (the New Testament) and the Koran (the Final Testament) the mission and identity of Jesus is echoed in unison.

Christians and Muslims are in accord, consent, acknowledgment, corroboration, harmony , unanimity, solidarity, coexistence, attunement, settlement, compatibility, that Jesus was:

The statement of the truth (Koran19:34) and (John 14:6)
A word of God (Koran 10:19) and (John 1:1)
Apostle of God (Koran 4:157) and (Hebrews 3:1)
A sign (Koran 19:21) and (Luke 2:34)
Born faultless (Koran 19:19) and (John 8:46)
Servant of God (Koran 19:31) and (Phalinthians 2:7)
Mary his Mother, was given glad tidings of the coming of Jesus by Angel Gabriel (Koran 3:45) and (Luke 1:30)
Was born from a virgin (Koran 3:47) and (Luke 1:34)
Was the Messiah (Koran 9:31) and (John 1:41)
Preformed many miracles (Koran 5:110) and (Matthew 4:24)
Was with the spirit from God (Koran 4:171) and (Matthew 12:18)
Ascended to Heaven (Koran 3:55) and (John 3:13)
Will return to earth (Koran 19:33) and (Revelation 20:5)

Along with other similarities, such as that we both believe we will pass by Jesus on the Day of Judgement [as Jesus is quoted as saying 'no one will go to the Creator except by me'], we both believe Jesus is a descendant of Prophet Abraham, that Jesus was born in Israel, the Jews were violent towards Jesus.

We also agree about the Ten Commandments:
(Exodus 12: 1-17 & Deuteronomy 5: 6-21) with confirmation in the Koran:
1. There is only One God (Koran 47:19)
2. Thou shall make no image of God, there is nothing whatsoever like unto Him (Koran 42:11)
3. Thou shall not use God's name in vain, nake not God's name an excuse to your oaths (Koran 2:224)
4. Thou shall honor thy mother and father, be kind to your parents if one or both of them attain old age in thy life, say not a word of contempt nor repel them but address them in terms of honor. (Koran 17:23)
5. Thou shall not steal. (Koran 5:38 - 39)
6. Thou shall not lie or give false testimony. (Koran 24:7)
7. Thou shall not kill, If anyone has killed one person it is as if he had killed the whole mankind (Koran 5:32)
8. Thou shall not commit adultery, do not come near adultery. It is an indecent deed and a way for other evils. (Koran17:32)
9. Thou shall not covet thy neighbors wife or possessions. (Koran 4:36)
10. Thou shall keep the Sabbath holy.(Koran 62:9)

Therefore, Muslims are not anti-Christs as a few separatists teach, we are worshippers of the God of Abraham as our fellow Christians are, we have a Christology similar to millions of other Christians.

Millions of educated Bible following Christians also have similar views as Muslims regarding the Prophethood of Jesus;

The very first groups of Christians such as the Ebonites, the Cerinthians, the Basilidians, the Capocratians, the Hypisistarians, the Arians, Paulicians and Goths also accepted Jesus as a Prophet of God, Even in the modern age there
are a large number of Christian Churches which teach Jesus was only a Prophet, for example;

The majority of today's Anglican Bishops do not worship Jesus as God;

In the British newspaper the "Daily News" 25/6/84 under the heading "Shock survey of Anglican Bishops" We read

"More than half of England's Anglican Bishops say that Christians are not obliged to believe that Jesus Christ was God, according to a survey published today. The pole of 31 of England's 39 bishops shows that many of them think that Christ's miracles, the virgin birth and the resurrection might not have happened exactly as described in the Bible. Only 11 of the bishops insisted that Christians must regard Christ as both God and man, while 19 said it was sufficient to regard Jesus as 'God's supreme agent'"

The Roman Catholic Church no longer believes Christ is the only single way to attain salvation; "The Church's relationship with the Muslims. "The plan of salvation also includes those who acknowledge the Creator, in the first place amongst whom are
the Muslims; these profess to hold the faith of Abraham, and together with us they adore the one, merciful God, mankind's judge on the last day."[330] Vatican's New Catechism 841.

Catholics are the largest group of Christians who also recently declare that even without Christ, you can be saved; "This affirmation is not aimed at those who, through no fault of their own, do not know Christ and his Church: Those who, through no fault of their own, do not know the Gospel of Christ or his Church, but who nevertheless seek God with a sincere heart, and, moved by grace, try in their actions to do his will as they know it through the dictates of their conscience - those too may achieve eternal salvation."[337] Vatican's New Catechism 847.

Here are more Bible following groups who have non Protestant opinions ;

Christian Science (Mary Baker Eddy): "Jesus Christ is not God, as Jesus Himself declared, but is the Son of God."Science and health key to the scriptures p.361.

The Christian Spiritual Alliance (Roy Eugene Davis): "Jesus was not the only begotten." (Roy Eugene Davis, the Hidden teachings of Jesus Revealed 1968, p. 9.

The Christadelphians (John Thomas). "Jesus Christ did not exist as a person from eternity as one of the triune Godhead.... He did not actually come into being until He was begotten of the Holy Spirit and born in Bethleherm" (Christedelphian messenger no.46 the word made flesh p.3)

Course in miracles-(Helen Schucman) Jesus is a man, who is like all other men, and the Christ idea, which all men possess and must eventually demonstrated. He becomes the pattern for all of us. Jesus the man was used by the Christ to demonstrate the illusion of the world"

Eckankar (Paul Twitchell): "do not put Him [Jesus] in a special category, for all saviours and prophets who came to earth to help mankind did their part arid passed on to the glory of the heavenly kingdom .. _ "74

The Foundation of Human understanding (Roy Masters): -you must not have any concepts of what Christ is like or God is like. it all must be an inward revelation process-" (Roy Masters (tape), -The Mystery of Golgotha.

Jehovah's Witnesses- Charles Taze Russell-"There is Scriptural evidence for concluding that Michael was the name of Jesus Christ before he left heaven and after his return." (WT 5/15/1969, p. 307)

Lucis Trust (Alice Bailey): -The Incarnation, which is for popular Christianity synonymous with the historical birth and earthly life of Christ, is for the mystic not only this but also a Perpetual cosmic and personal process.- (Alice Bailey, From Bethlehem to Calvary Lucis, 1976, P. 7.

The Masonic Lodge: A former Mason reports 'Freemasonry carefully excludes' the Lord Jesus Christ from the lodge and chapter, repudiates His mediatorship, rejects His atonement, denies and disowns His Gospel, frowns upon His religion
and His church, ignores the Holy Spirit... " Edmond Ronayne, The Masters Carpet (Ezra Cook Company of chicago, 1879), p. 87.)

Mormonism- Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day saints-"....Jesus, our elder brother, was begotten in the flesh by the same character that was in the garden of Eden, and who is our Father in Heaven," (Journal of Discourses, Vol. 1, pp. 50-51).

Oneness Pentecostals"The Son of God existed from all eternity only as a plan in the mind of God." (The Oneness of God, D. Bernard p.295) "the role of the son is temporary and not eternal" (p.105, 108)

Rosicrucianism (AMORO (H. Spencer Lewis): "Nowhere in the teachings and practices of Jesus can we find the least intimation that His great system was intended to bring salvation to the physical body of man. ( K SpencerLewis, The secret Doctrine of Jesus (San Jose, CA-- Supreme Grand Lodge of AMORC), pp. 186-87,189-91.)

Science of Mind (Ernest Holmes): "Jesus is the name of a man. Christ means the Universal Principle of Divine Sonship.'(N. Kasturt Sathya Sai Speaks, vol. 8, Ist ed. 1975, p.144.)

Theosophy (Helena. P Blavatsky): "Nowhere throughout the New Testament is Jesus found calling himself God, or anything higher than 'a son of God,' the son of a 'Father,' common to all." Helena Petrovna Blavatsky. The Secret Doctrine (India: Theosophical Publishing House 1971), vol. 5, p. 369n.

The Unification Church (Sun Myung Moon): "It is a great error to think Jesus was God Himself. Jesus is no different from other men."( Young Oon Kin, Divine Principle and its Application (HSA-UWC, 1968), p. 75.) "We must understand that
this (John 8.58) also does not signify that Jesus was God Himself .Jesus on earth was a man no different from US except for the fact that He was born without original sin." (Divine Principle p. 212).

Unitarian Universalism: Unitarian Universalist minister Waldemar Argow states: "They [Unitarian/Universalists] do not regard him as a supernatural creature, the literal son of God who was miraculously sent to earth as part of an involved plan for the salvation of human souls.', (Waldemar Argow, Unitarian
Universalism-Some Questions Answered (pamphlet) (Boston, MA. Unitarian Universalism Assoc., nd.), p. 6.)

Unity School of Christianity (Charles Fillmore), "Most of our religious beliefs are based on the [erroneous] idea that Jesus is the only begotten Son of God." Unity (periodical), October, 1976, pp. 59-60.)

In conclusion, we know there are many ways to interpret the Bible, yet one fact remains, Jesus never insisted that we believe in his blood to be saved nor did Jesus order us to call him God. Jesus never commanded anyone to worship him as the God of Abraham did.

Jesus asked us to believe that he was sent by God (John 5:24), which Muslims along with other Christians believe.

Technically, Muslims are the largest group of Christians (those who believe Christ was sent by God) approximately one and a half Billion, and the fastest growing Religion.

Kindly accept fellow Monotheists, and let God be the Judge in the End, treat fellow Monotheists as God would want, as brothers and sisters. We can learn from each other and grow spiritually from each other rather than be separated from each other


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