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(Al-Ma'arij) (44 Verses)

# 70 The Ways of Ascent (Al-Ma'arij) Explanation of # 70 The Ways of Ascent (Al-Ma'arij)
In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful

[70.1] A questioner questioned concerning the doom about to fall
[70.2] Upon the disbelievers, which none can repel,
[70.3] From Allah, Lord of the Ascending Stairways
[70.4] (Whereby) the angels and the Spirit ascend unto Him in a Day whereof the span is fifty thousand years.
[70.5] But be patient (O Muhammad) with a patience fair to see.
[70.6] Lo! they behold it afar off
[70.7] While we behold it nigh:
[70.8] The day when the sky will become as molten copper,
[70.9] And the hills become as flakes of wool,
[70.10] And no familiar friend will ask a question of his friend
[70.11] Though they will be given sight of them. The guilty man will long to be able to ransom himself from the punishment of that day at the price of his children
[70.12] And his spouse and his brother
[70.13] And his kin that harboured him
[70.14] And all that are in the earth, if then it might deliver him.
[70.15] But nay! for lo! it is the fire of hell
[70.16] Eager to roast;
[70.17] It calleth him who turned and fled (from truth),
[70.18] And hoarded (wealth) and withheld it.
[70.19] Lo! man was created anxious,
[70.20] Fretful when evil befalleth him
[70.21] And, when good befalleth him, grudging;
[70.22] Save worshippers.
[70.23] Who are constant at their worship
[70.24] And in whose wealth there is a right acknowledged
[70.25] For the beggar and the destitute;
[70.26] And those who believe in the Day of Judgment,
[70.27] And those who are fearful of their Lord's doom -
[70.28] Lo! the doom of their Lord is that before which none can feel secure -
[70.29] And those who preserve their chastity
[70.30] Save with their wives and those whom their right hands possess, for thus they are not blameworthy;
[70.31] But whoso seeketh more than that, those are they who are transgressors;
[70.32] And those who keep their pledges and their covenant,
[70.33] And those who stand by their testimony
[70.34] And those who are attentive at their worship.
[70.35] These will dwell in Gardens, honoured.
[70.36] What aileth those who disbelieve, that they keep staring toward thee (O Muhammad), open-eyed,
[70.37] On the right and on the left, in groups ?
[70.38] Doth every man among them hope to enter the Garden of Delight ?
[70.39] Nay, verily. Lo! We created them from what they know.
[70.40] But nay! I swear by the Lord of the rising-places and the setting-places of the planets that We verily are Able
[70.41] To replace them by (others) better than them. And we are not to be outrun.
[70.42] So let them chat and play until they meet their Day which they are promised,
[70.43] The day when they come forth from the graves in haste, as racing to a goal,
[70.44] With eyes aghast, abasement stupefying them: Such is the Day which they are promised.

No Chapter (Surah)
1 The Opening (Al-Fatiha)
2 The Cow (Al-Baqrah)
3 The Family of Imran (Aal-Imran)
4 The Women (An-Nisah)
5 The Table (Al-Maeda)
6 The Cattle (Al-An'aam)
7 The Heights (Al-A'raf)
8 The Spoils of War (Al-Anfal)
9 The Repentance(At-Tawba)
10 Jonah (Yunus)
11 The Prophet Hud (Hud)
12 Joseph (Yusuf)
13 The Thunder (Al-Ra'd)
14 Abraham (Imbrahim)
15 The Rocky Tract (Al-Hijr)
16 The Bees (An-Nahl)
17 The Night Journey (Al-Isra)
18 The Cave (Al-Kahf)
19 Mary (Maryam)
20 Ta-Ha (Ta-Ha)
21 The Prophets (Al-Anbiya)
22 The Pilgrimage (Al-Hajj)
23 The Believers (Al-Muminun)
24 The Light (An-Nour)
25 The Criterion (Al-Furqan)
26 The Poets (Ash-Shu'ara)
27 The Ants (An-Naml)
28 The Narration (Al-Qasas)
29 The Spider (Al-Ankaboot)
30 The Romans (Al-Rum)
31 Luqman (Luqman)
32 The Prostration (As-Sajda)
33 The Confederates (Al-Ahzab)
34 Sheba (Saba)
35 The Originator of Creation (Fatir)
36 Ya-Seen (Ya Seen)
37 The Rangers (As-Saffat)
38 The Letter Sad (Sad)
39 The Groups (Az-Zumar)
40 The Forgiver (Ghafir)
41 Explained in Detail (Fussilat)
42 The Consultation (Ash-Shura)
43 Ornaments of Gold (Az-Zukruf)
44 The Smoke (Ad-Dukhan)
45 The Kneeling (Al-Jathiya)
46 The Curved Sand hills (Al-Ahqaf)
47 Muhammad
48 The Victory (Al-Fath)
49 The Dwellings (Al-Hujurat)
50 The Letter Qaf (Qaf)
51 The Winds that Scatter (Az-Zariyat)
52 The Mount (At-Tur)
53 The Star (An-Najm)
54 The Moon (Al-Qamar)
55 The Most Beneficent (Ar-Rahman)
56 The Event (Al-Waqi'a)
57 The Iron (Al-Hadid)
58 She That Dispute (Al-Mujidala)
59 The Gathering (Al-Hashr)
60 The Examined One (Al-Mumtahina)
61 The Row (As-Saff)
62 Friday (Al-Jumu'ah)
63 The Hypocrites (Al-Munafiqoon)
64 Loss and Gain (At-Taghabun)
65 The Divorce (At-Talaq)
66 Prohibition (At-Tahreem)
67 Dominion (Al-Mulk)
68 The Pen (Al-Qalam)
69 The Reality (Al-Haaqqa)
70 The Ways of Ascent (Al-Ma'arij)
71 Noah (Nuh)
72 The Jinn (Al-Jinn)
73 The Enshrouded One (Al-Muzzammil)
74 The Cloaked One (Al-Muddathir)
75 The-Resurrection (Al-Qiyamah)
76 Man (Al-Insan)
77 Those Sent Forth (Al-Mursalat)
78 The News (An-Naba)
79 Those Who Pull Out (An-Naziat)
80 He frowned (Abasa)
81 The Folding Up (At-Takwir)
82 The Cleaving (Al-Infitar)
83 Those Who Deal in Fraud (Al-Mutaffifin)
84 The Splitting Asunder (Al-Inshiqaq)
85 The Mansions of the Stars (Al-Burooj)
86 The Night Comer (At-Tariq)
87 The Most High (Al-A'la)
88 The Overwhelming (Al-Ghashiya)
89 The Dawn (Al-Fajr)
90 The City (Al-Balad)
91 The Sun (Ash-Shams)
92 The Night (Al-Layl)
93 The Morning Hours (Ad-Dhuha)
94 Relief  (Al-Inshirah)
95 The Figs (At-Teen)
96 The Clot (Al-Alaq)
97 The Night of Decree (Al-Qadr)
98 The Clear Proof (Al-Bayyina)
99 The Earthquake (Az-Zalzala)
100 The Courser (Al-Adiyat)
101 The Calamity (Al-Qariah)
102 Rivalry in world increase (At-Takathur)
103 The Declining Day (Al-Asr)
104 The Slanderer (Al-Humaza)
105 The Elephant (Al-Feel)
106 Quraish ( Quraish)
107 Small Kindnesses (Al-Maun)
108 Abundance (Al-Kawthar)
109 The Disbelievers (Al-Kafiroon)
110 Divine- Support (An-Nasr)
111 The Flame (Al-Masadd)
112 Sincerity (Al-Ikhlas)
113 The Daybreak (Al-Falaq)
114 The Mankind (An-Nas)

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