Compared Translations of the meaning of the Quran - 19:44
Maryam - Mary
Verse: 19 : 44

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Maryam (Mary) 19:44

19:44 يا ابت لا تعبد الشيطان ان الشيطان كان للرحمن عصيا

TransliterationYa abati la taAAbudi alshshaytana inna alshshaytana kana lilrrahmani AAasiyyan
LiteralYou my father, do not worship the devil, that the devil was/is to the merciful disobedient.

Yusuf Ali"O my father! serve not Satan: for Satan is a rebel against (Allah) Most Gracious.
PickthalO my father! Serve not the devil. Lo! the devil is a rebel unto the Beneficent.
Arberry Father, serve not Satan; surely Satan is a rebel against the All-merciful.
ShakirO my father! serve not the Shaitan, surely the Shaitan is disobedient to the Beneficent Allah:
SarwarFather, do not worship satan; he has disobeyed the Beneficent God.
Khalifa"O my father, do not worship the devil. The devil has rebelled against the Most Gracious.
Hilali/Khan"O my father! Worship not Shaitan (Satan). Verily! Shaitan (Satan) has been a rebel against the Most Beneficent (Allah).
H/K/SaheehO my father, do not worship Satan. Indeed Satan has ever been, to the Most Merciful, disobedient.
MalikO my father! Do not worship Satan: for Satan is disobedient to the Compassionate (Allah).[44]
QXP"O My father! Serve not the Satan. Satan, the selfish desire, is a rebel against the Beneficent."
Maulana AliO my sire, serve not the devil. Surely the devil is disobedient to the Beneficent.
Free Minds"My father, do not serve the devil. For the devil was ever disobedient to the Almighty."
Qaribullah Father, do not worship satan; for satan has rebelled against the Merciful.

George SaleO my father, serve not Satan; for Satan was rebellious unto the Merciful.
JM RodwellO my Father! worship not Satan, for Satan is a rebel against the God of Mercy.

Asad"O my father! Do not worship Satan-for, verily, Satan is a rebel against the Most Gracious!"

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