Compared Translations of the meaning of the Quran - 19:45
Maryam - Mary
Verse: 19 : 45

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Maryam (Mary) 19:45

19:45 ياابت اني اخاف ان يمسسك عذاب من الرحمن فتكون للشيطان وليا

TransliterationYa abati innee akhafu an yamassaka AAathabun mina alrrahmani fatakoona lilshshyatani waliyyan
LiteralYou my father, that I fear that torture touches you from the merciful, so you be to the devil an ally/follower .

Yusuf Ali"O my father! I fear lest a Penalty afflict thee from (Allah) Most Gracious, so that thou become to Satan a friend."
PickthalO my father! Lo! I fear lest a punishment from the Beneficent overtake thee so that thou become a comrade of the devil.
Arberry Father, I fear that some chastisement from the All-merciful will smite thee, so that thou becomest a friend to Satan.
ShakirO my father! surely I fear that a punishment from the Beneficent Allah should afflict you so that you should be a friend of the Shaitan.
SarwarFather, I am afraid that the Beneficent God's torment will strike you and you will become a friend of satan."
Khalifa"O my father, I fear lest you incur retribution from the Most Gracious, then become an ally of the devil."
Hilali/Khan"O my father! Verily! I fear lest a torment from the Most Beneficent (Allah) overtake you, so that you become a companion of Shaitan (Satan) (in the Hell-fire)." (Tafsir Al-Qurtubee)
H/K/SaheehO my father, indeed I fear that there will touch you a punishment from the Most Merciful so you would be to Satan a companion [in Hellfire]."
MalikO my father! I fear that a punishment of the Beneficent may afflict you, and you may become a friend of the Satan."[45]
QXP"O My father! I am afraid that a retribution from (the Law of) the Beneficent might overtake you, and you be counted among the friends of Satan."
Maulana AliO my sire, surely I fear lest a punishment from the Beneficent should afflict thee, so that thou become a friend of the devil.
Free Minds"My father, I fear that a retribution will inflict you from the Almighty and that you will become an ally to the devil."
Qaribullah Father, I fear that the punishment of the Merciful will fall upon you and you will become a guide of satan. '

George SaleO my father, verily I fear lest a punishment be inflicted on thee from the Merciful, and thou become a companion of Satan.
JM RodwellO my Father! indeed I fear lest a chastisement from the God of Mercy light upon thee, and thou become Satan's vassal."

Asad"O my father! I dread lest a chastisement from the Most Gracious befall thee, and then thou wilt become [aware of having been] close unto Satan!"

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