Compared Translations of the meaning of the Quran - 19:72
Maryam - Mary
Verse: 19 : 72

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Maryam (Mary) 19:72

19:72 ثم ننجي الذين اتقوا ونذر الظالمين فيها جثيا

TransliterationThumma nunajjee allatheena ittaqaw wanatharu alththalimeena feeha jithiyyan
LiteralThen We save/rescue those who feared and obeyed, and We leave (disregard) the unjust/oppressors in it kneeling/standing on (their) toes.

Yusuf AliBut We shall save those who guarded against evil, and We shall leave the wrong-doers therein, (humbled) to their knees.
PickthalThen We shall rescue those who kept from evil, and leave the evil-doers crouching there.
Arberry Then We shall deliver those that were godfearing; and the evildoers We shall leave there, hobbling on their knees.
ShakirAnd We will deliver those who guarded (against evil), and We will leave the unjust therein on their knees.
SarwarWe will save the pious ones from the hell fire and leave the unjust people therein in crowded groups.
KhalifaThen we rescue the righteous, and leave the transgressors in it, humiliated.
Hilali/KhanThen We shall save those who use to fear Allah and were dutiful to Him. And We shall leave the Zalimoon (polytheists and wrongdoers, etc.) therein (humbled) to their knees (in Hell).
H/K/SaheehThen We will save those who feared Allah and leave the wrongdoers within it, on their knees.
Malikthen We will deliver those who were pious and leave the wrongdoers therein humbled on their knees.[72]
QXPAnd once again, We shall save the upright and leave the wrongdoers crouching in humiliation. (Those who walk aright will be kept so clear of hell that they won't even hear any commotion (21:102)).
Maulana AliAnd We shall deliver those who guard against evil, and leave the wrongdoers therein on their knees.
Free MindsThen We will save those who were righteous, and We leave the wicked in it on their knees.
Qaribullah Then, We will save those who were cautious of Us, but the harmdoers shall be left there hobbling on their knees.

George SaleAfterwards We will deliver those who shall have been pious, but We will leave the ungodly therein on their knees.
JM RodwellThen will we deliver those who had the fear of God, and the wicked will we leave in it on their knees.

AsadAnd once again: 56 We shall save [from hell] those who have been conscious of Us; but We shall leave in it the evildoers, on their knees.

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