Compared Translations of the meaning of the Quran - 19:78
Maryam - Mary
Verse: 19 : 78

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Maryam (Mary) 19:78

19:78 اطلع الغيب ام اتخذ عند الرحمن عهدا

TransliterationAttalaAAa alghayba ami ittakhatha AAinda alrrahmani AAahdan
LiteralHas he seen/been informed (of) the unseen/absent , or he took/received at the merciful a promise/contract ?

Yusuf AliHas he penetrated to the Unseen, or has he taken a contract with (Allah) Most Gracious?
PickthalHath he perused the Unseen, or hath he made a pact with the Beneficent?
Arberry What, has he observed the Unseen, or taken a covenant with the All-merciful?
ShakirHas he gained knowledge of the unseen, or made a covenant with the Beneficent Allah?
SarwarHas he the knowledge of the unseen or has the Beneficent God established such a binding agreement with Him?.
KhalifaHas he seen the future? Has he taken such a pledge from the Most Gracious?
Hilali/KhanHas he known the unseen or has he taken a covenant from the Most Beneficent (Allah)?
H/K/SaheehHas he looked into the unseen, or has he taken from the Most Merciful a promise?
MalikHas he gained knowledge of the Unseen or has he been awarded a contract by the Compassionate (Allah)?[78]
QXPDo they know the realm of the Unseen? Have they taken a promise from the Beneficent?
Maulana AliHas he gained knowledge of the unseen, or made a covenant with the Beneficent?
Free MindsDid he look into the future? Or has he taken a pledge with the Almighty?
Qaribullah Has he gained knowledge of the Unseen? Or taken a covenant with the Merciful?

George SaleIs he acquainted with the secrets of futurity; or hath he received a covenant from the Merciful that it shall be so?
JM RodwellHath he mounted up into the secrets of God? Hath he made a compact with the God of Mercy?

AsadHas he, perchance, attained to a realm which is beyond the reach of a created being's perception ?67 - or has he concluded a covenant with the Most Gracious?

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