Compared Translations of the meaning of the Quran - 48:23
al-Fath - Victory, Conquest
Verse: 48 : 23

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al-Fath (Victory, Conquest) 48:23

48:23 سنة الله التي قد خلت من قبل ولن تجد لسنة الله تبديلا

TransliterationSunnata Allahi allatee qad khalat min qablu walan tajida lisunnati Allahi tabdeelan
LiteralGod's law/manner which had past/expired from before, and you will never/not find for God's law/manner an exchange/replacement .

Yusuf Ali(Such has been) the practice (approved) of Allah already in the past: no change wilt thou find in the practice (approved) of Allah.
PickthalIt is the law of Allah which hath taken course aforetime. Thou wilt not find for the law of Allah aught of power to change.
Arberry the wont of God, as in the past before, and thou shalt never find any changing the wont of God.
ShakirSuch has been the course of Allah that has indeed run before, and you shall not find a change in Allah's course.
SarwarThis is the tradition of God which existed before, and you will never find any change in His tradition.
KhalifaSuch is GOD's system throughout history, and you will find that GOD's system is unchangeable.
Hilali/KhanThat has been the Way of Allah already with those who passed away before. And you will not find any change in the Way of Allah.
H/K/Saheeh[This is] the established way of Allah which has occurred before. And never will you find in the way of Allah any change.
MalikSuch has been the practice of Allah in the past; and you shall find no change in the practice of Allah.[23]
QXPThis is the Law of Allah which has been in force since older times. And never will you find any change in Allah's Law. ('Sunnatillah' = Allah's Law in practice. 'Kalimatillah' = Allah's Word = Allah's Law in theory (3:139), (17:77), (33:38), (33:62), (35:43), (40:85), (48:23)).
Maulana Ali(Such has been) the course of Allah that has run before, and thou wilt not find a change in Allah’s course.
Free MindsSuch is God's way with those who have passed away before, and you will not find any change in God's way.
Qaribullah Such is the way of Allah in days gone by, and you shall find no change in the ways of Allah.

George SaleAccording to the ordinance of God, which hath been put in execution heretofore against opposers of the prophets; for thou shalt not find any change in the ordinance of God.
JM RodwellSuch is God's method carried into effect of old; no change canst thou find in God's mode of dealing.

Asadsuch being God's way which has ever obtained in the past - and never wilt thou find any change in God's way! [This reference to "God's way" (sunnat Allah) is twofold: on the one hand, "you are bound to rise high if you are (truly) believers"

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