Peace upon those who follow the Righteous Path,

 Christianity claims the only single way to remove sin is through the blood of Jesus.

In Judaism and Islam, God is unlimited in Power and Ability of methods to remove sin

Here we see in the Old Testament there are many other ways God forgives sins; giving charity {Exodus 30:15-16} and {Numbers 31:50}, incense {Numbers 16:46-47}, etc...

 According to the first half of the Bible, blood is not the only single way to remove sin, God is *accepting* of a variety of atonements as we also see in Islam:

Sincere repentance {66:8}, Forgive others {64:14}, Jihad {61:11} Faith in God and His messenger {57:28}, Fear God {8:29}, prayer {4:43}, kind words {2:263}, charity {73:20} etc...

Paul who wrote 75% of the current Gospel [the New Testament], displays God as limited, feeble, and constricted to only having one single means of providing forgiveness while the Old Testament and the Qur'an both clarify God is Limitless in Omnipotence and Authority, Jesus too is in disagreement with Paul, for Jesus the Muslim says:

 "forgive, and you will be forgiven;{Luke 6:37} similar to the Qur'an verses {64:14}, {42:43} , {24:22} , {5:13} and opposite of Paul claiming there is _only_ one single way.


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