Compared Translations of the meaning of the Quran - 14:29
Ibrahim - Abraham
Verse: 14 : 29

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Ibrahim (Abraham) 14:29

14:29 جهنم يصلونها وبئس القرار

TransliterationJahannama yaslawnaha wabi/sa alqararu
LiteralHell , they roast/suffer/burn (from) it, and how bad (is) the settlement/establishment ?

Yusuf AliInto Hell? They will burn therein,- an evil place to stay in!
Pickthal(Even to) hell? They are exposed thereto. A hapless end!
Arberry Gehenna, wherein they are roasted; an evil stablishment!
Shakir(Into j hell? They shall enter into it and an evil place it is to settle in.
SarwarThey will suffer in Hell. What a terrible place to stay!
KhalifaHell is their destiny, wherein they burn; what a miserable end!
Hilali/KhanHell, in which they will burn, - and what an evil place to settle in!
H/K/Saheeh[It is] Hell, which they will [enter to] burn, and wretched is the settlement.
MalikWhich is hell! Wherein they shall burn, an evil place to live.[29]
QXPHell, which they will have to endure, what an evil place to stay!
Maulana AliHell. They will burn in it. And an evil place it is to settle in!
Free MindsHell is where they will burn, what a miserable place to settle.
Qaribullah They shall be roasted in Gehenna; an evil establishment!

George Salenamely, into hell? They shall be thrown to burn therein; and an unhappy dwelling shall it be.
JM RodwellHell? Therein shall they be burned; and wretched the dwelling!

Asad- hell - which they [themselves] will have to endure? And how vile a state to settle in!

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